Animation 01. Body Mechanics

animation 01

Animation 01. Body Mechanics introduces the concept of character animation regarding objects and human motion. Students will develop an understanding of Animation Principles, learning the concepts required for creating a believable motion and a balanced movement.

The class is divided into 4 modules:

  • Module 01. Intro to Maya Animation
  • Module 02. Animation Basics
  • Module 03. Body Mechanics
  • Module 04. Body Mechanics Advanced


Detailed Program


  • You can download the detailed program here.


Before you start


  • no previous experience is needed
  • you’ll need your own laptop
  • you like the idea of animating 3D characters
  • you don’t have to know the software, how to animate or how to draw


What you’ll learn


  • fundamentals in 3D Character Animation
  • animating an object and giving it life and personality
  • animating a human character with focus on motion
  • how to study and use a live action reference
  • concepts and practical techniques with focus on character animation
  • recognize the most common animation mistakes involving timing, weight and body mechanics


Key Facts


  • Start Date: to be determined
  • Duration: 5 weekends (10 days)
  • Total hours of instruction: 100 hours
  • Price: 150 RON/week-end (~ 35 EUR/weekend)
  • Location: next course will take place in Bucharest, Romania
  • Students: 9-10 students/class
  • Software: Autodesk Maya, trial version
  • Instructor: Cristina Zoica Dumitru
  • Teaching language: Romanian (+a little bit of English)




  • 5 weekends (10 days)
  • every Saturday & Sunday (onsite, 8-10 hours / day)
  • weekly webcast (middle of week) – critique 1-2 hours, theory lectures


After this Class


  • you’ll gain animation skills
  • you can take your hobby to the next level
  • you’ll learn to see and feel an animation
  • you’ll be able to animate both human and object characters
  • you’ll develop observation skills
  • you’ll be able to adapt to any 3D animation software (we’ll teach you the animation principles!)
  • you’ll be able to do basic 3D modeling
  • you’ll gain a basic understanding of the animation production pipeline
  • you’ll learn the English terminology for animation
  • you’ll learn how to search for resources, on your own
  • you’ll be able to create a basic demo reel
  • you’ll be ready to take the advanced class: Animation 02. Acting Performance
  • you’ll make new friends




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