The Concept

We’re Cristina and Marcel and we welcome you in the wonderful world of animation and games! You’ve just made the 1st step into learning all about this beautiful craft :P

We offer short intensive courses but we’re also available for more advanced training. Also, we’re not dependent on any location, because of the way these courses are structured (and because we have a car) we can go to any city/country :D .

The concept is simple … 

In Romania there are no animation courses, no animation schools, no book dedicated to the subject, no video tutorials. This beautiful domain is practically unknown in Romania and people that want to learn these crafts don’t have even a small chance of doing it.

What I suggest is: let’s do a series of workshops, like they do in other countries where people actually earn money by doing animation, by drawing of by working on games. This project is targeted towards anyone who wants to break the ice in this field and learn how to animate, draw or make games.

You don’t need to have any previous experience whatsoever, the only thing that you need to have is the wish to learn how to animate, draw or make games. For the Animation courses we’ll be using Autodesk Maya, the most popular 3D animation program. For the Drawing courses we’ll be using pen, paper and Photoshop to some extend. And for the Game Development courses we’ll be using Unity 3D, the most popular game development software on the planet.

And by the way, you don’t have to know how to use these programs, you’ll learn what you need to know right here.

These courses will be different than anything you know, there will be a casual relaxing atmosphere, packed with creativity and fun. We’ll be serving coffee, biscuits, we’ll be eating lunch there, we’ll have a projector for studying the video materials or critiques. And we’ll be concentrating on learning and having fun. You’ll have to bring your own laptop and your wish to learn :).

Our teaching methods are based on the idea that anyone can be creative. The concept of mistake doesn’t exist with us, everyone learns at their own pace and we guarantee you that everyone will be happy :)