Teaching Methods

Our kickass teaching methods are specially designed to help you grow fast and efficient into the world of animation and games :-)

Here are some of our secrets:

  • Lectures – we’ll present you the theory behind the Animation Principles
  • Demonstrations – that will cover both the concepts and the techniques
  • Animation analysis- we’ll analyze animation styles, the goods and the bads, examples from students, real schools and studios
  • Group exercise - in order to learn the tools we’ll do some of the exercises together
  • Individual exercises - explore the concepts and the techniques and to develop your own ideas for creating something unique and original
  • Working files - depending on the exercise you’ll receive everything you’ll need to get started: rigs, props, dialogue tracks, etc
  • Critiques - you’ll receive personal feedback for all your work, you’ll know what and how to improve
  • Webcasts - middle of the weeks is reserved for online webcasts with theory and critique

Don’t forget that …

  • after each lecture you’ll also get the written presentation (pdf)
  • most of demonstrations will be recorded for future reference at any time
  • the complexity will be gradually increased, just slightly more difficult than the previous exercise
  • we won’t rush you or let you fall behind
  • be prepared to absorb lots of information coming at you
  • we’re trying to bring you most of the things we learned at The Animation Workshop (Denmark) and HiNT University (Norway), two of the most important animation and media schools in Europe.